An acquaintance of mine runs a 30-lawyer general practice law firm in Denver. Occasionally, he asks my opinion about marketing decisions for his firm. My answer is usually the same: get a reliable marketing system.  

Short-Term Marketing Solutions Versus Long-Term Marketing Problems

When my acquaintance wanted to rebrand his firm, he got a friend to do a logo for him. When the partners decided they wanted a company newsletter, he found an intern to handle it. He, like many small business owners, applies short-term solutions to long-term marketing challenges, then wonders why his marketing isn’t really effective.

For now, he’s not feeling any pain from these decisions because the big partners, who bring in most of the business, are still around. Their retirement isn’t far off, however, and I suspect he’ll be in a panic to market the firm once they give up their practices. He needs to build a marketing system now, while the business is still rolling in referrals.

Competitive Marketing Strategy: Build A Marketing System Today

Once the referrals slow in my friend’s law firm, I suspect I’ll get a panicked call asking my opinion about a quick marketing initiative that he hopes will stop the bleeding. It will be too late for him, but it isn’t for you. 

I’m going to let you in on a best-kept secret in marketing. You need to market your company especially when you don’t need marketing. Yes, I said it. When you are turning away word-of-mouth referrals is exactly when you need to push money into your marketing budget and get very serious about building a reliable marketing system for your business.

 Marketing 101: If You Need It Now, It’s Too Late

If you wait until your leads slow and your referrals aren’t as frequent, you are in for some rocky times ahead. Getting the wheels turning on a reliable marketing system takes time and effort, the kind you don’t have when you are scrambling to get business in the door. And, more often, when you’re in that kind of unfortunate position, you are likely to make bad marketing decisions because you’re trying to make something happen quickly.

Marketing Tip: Market While You’re Hot

Take control of your future business while things are good. The economy is humming along, and everyone is fat and happy right now. It’s the exact right time to invest in a marketing system.

Marketing Questions: What Is A Marketing System? How Does it Operate?

A marketing system is a set of consistent marketing campaigns that have been formulated to grow your business. These campaigns are strategically aligned with your goals and are based on thorough market research into your SWOT, target markets, competitors, and customer journey.

Marketing systems usually operate campaigns in several different channels such as social media, email marketing, public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. They begin with a 12-month strategic plan and focus on the path of your customer’s journey from first hearing about you to brand evangelism. (Brand evangelists love you so much they tell everyone about you and do your marketing for you.) Marketing systems vary widely in scope from business to business, but they are made to be frequently measured and adjusted to maximize return on investment (ROI).

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Marketing System

Just as there is no magic bullet in marketing, there is no one marketing system that fits every business. Some businesses can do really well by putting a lot of resources into social media. For other businesses, that would be foolish. So how do you know what kind of marketing system you need? By investing in market research. It’s a competitive advantage that will inform what campaigns to launch and how much money you should put into them. No marketing system should be built without a deep dive into market research. Without it, the system is doomed to fail.

We Build Marketing Systems

When you have a marketing system, you no longer have to ask your friends for marketing advice, nor rely on interns or guesses. More importantly, you aren’t wholly reliant on word-of-mouth marketing to generate leads. You know exactly what needs to be done to market your business.

We can build a marketing system for your company based on your needs and specific audiences. Talk to us while you still have plenty of leads. Start building your marketing system today. When things slow down (as they always do) your competitors will be scrambling while your marketing system will be buzzing along, churning out leads.