Facebook marketing is becoming a key to success for many businesses. At one point, only 16% of your Facebook page updates would reach people. As time goes on, there are more and more updates crowding the news feed. As a result, your updates are being shown less often. This is a trend that will continue.

Some people are upset by this. From one perspective, people pay to advertise and get more fans. They then have to pay to get updates in front of their fan base. This makes some sense. With a choice of 1500 posts to show most users, Facebook has to limit the number of posts. They already have a choice of 1500 posts to show most users. Facebook naturally suggests that you pay for advertising to reach your fans. Facebook’s business model is very similar to Google’s business model: you have to find “Googling” something useful or you just won’t do it. Google makes money by showing ads above and next to search results. For this to work, Google must provide value with nearly every search that is made.

What Facebook Must Do

For Facebook’s business model to work, people have to enjoy and find value in the experience of logging into Facebook. The news feed must be interesting and engaging or people log out. This means that having engaging posts will be seen organically (if you are not aware of this term, it means that the posts will be seen without paying to promote the post.) As with organic search results, you “pay” with time and effort.

Facebook must also ensure that ads create reasonable return on investment. When people invest dollars in creating a page, building a fan base and developing a system to generate leads from that fan base, they must see a return on that investment.

What You Must Do

The very first and most important step in Facebook marketing is to connect with your fans through the content that you share. It needs to be so engaging that people will seek it out. Create posts your fans identify with and want to share with their friends as a statement of who they are.

Put simply, to succeed at Facebook marketing, you need to understand why your fans engaged with your page. What were your fans saying about themselves when they clicked like? They were certainly interested in your page, but it is more than that. They shared that interest with all of their contacts. They were making a statement. Something about your page represents what they want to be (or become.) To succeed at marketing with Facebook, you need to figure out what those things are and align with those desires. After considering your fanbase, consider reading Jon Loomer’s has some thoughts about when and how you can post.

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