Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategyDo you watch commercials? Today, people avoid ads of all types. If you want to succeed at business, you will need to market for today not 1960.

Content marketing helps business owners reach new customers. Developing useful content is a powerful way to find new customers and grow your business. If you just start out with social media, you might be on the wrong network or sending out the wrong messaging. Start with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Do you have the right marketing strategy?

What is your business’s positioning statement?

A positioning statement is the foundation for all of your marketing answers these questions: Who is ideal client? What are your competitive advantages with that ideal client?  Why are you the best fit for this person or business? What do you really sell? Why do they really buy?

Is your content helpful and relevant?

Mapping out a customer path as they interact with your business and creating a content map of the stages of this relationship.  attracts an audience and leads to sales gives small businesses the power to grow. Strong content marketing takes on a customer life-cycle approach, which develops stronger relationships with your customers at all stages of the customer relationship from lead generation to getting referral from inactive customers, this allows you to.

Is your website messaging effective?

You need to use the right  messaging on your website. Highlighting benefits and features that are important to your ideal client will increase interest and engagement. Create consistent content with consistent messaging to grow your audience and your business at the same time.

How do you promote your content?

For some people content promotion starts and ends with Twitter or another social media network. A comprehensive strategy that utilizes multiple social media platforms, connecting with influencers who have a similar audience, search engine optimization & potentially paid advertising or publicity will create a larger impact for your company. Before you implement any of these tactics, you need to develop a strategy geared towards your ideal audience.

Initial Assessment and Strategic Plan. – $5,000

  • Assess current positioning, strategy & implementation.
  • Identify ideal clients, where they spend time & how to reach them.
  • Identify problem areas with current content.
  • Develop customized editorial & promotional calendars.
  • Proposal to create and implement content marketing initiative.

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