Thanks to Colorado’s booming economy, many companies are struggling to attract and hire talent. Fundamentally, getting the right applicants is both a marketing challenge and an HR issue so here are four marketing techniques that will solve your talent problems.

To Attract The Best Talent, Interview Your Best Employees  

Think about your best employees. Would you like to have 10 more just like them? Then, take some time to get to know them. Interview them and find out what they get out of work besides a paycheck. Discover how they found you, decided to work for you, and why they continue to stay. See what motivates them on the job and what gets in their way of feeling successful. Ask them what they tell their friends and family about their workplace. What you think is great about working at your company may be different from what they think. Even if you think you know what makes your best employees happy to work for you, don’t take it for granted. Their answers may surprise you.

Speak Their Language

During the interview, pay attention not only to what your best employees say but how they say it. Write down the kinds of words and expressions they use, so that when you begin searching for people just like them, you will know how to speak their language.

Hang Out Where They Do

Just as you wouldn’t go fishing in the desert, don’t look for talent where it isn’t. Go where potential candidates are digitally and in real life. Are your best employees coincidentally into science fiction and comic book characters? Maybe you need to host a booth at Denver ComicCon. Are they Reddit fanatics? Then it makes sense why your LinkedIn ads aren’t snagging interested applicants. Are there Meetup groups in your area for people in your industry? Maybe it’s time you started frequenting them. Perhaps your company needs to sponsor a meetup. Hopefully, you are getting the idea that you have to go above and beyond posting a job description on Indeed and go where your best potential employees are.

Use Your Website to Publicize Your Culture

Your website is one of your primary means of communicating with your customers, but it is also telling potential employees who you are and why they should (or shouldn’t) work for you. Make sure you have a fully built-out “careers” section on your website, complete with photos of your employees and some testimonials about why they love working for you. Be sure to use the same words and phrases that your best employees used in their interviews with you.

Learn How to Stop Employee Turnover

While you are working on all of the above, read Why Can’t I Hire Good People? by Beth Smith. It will give you some fresh insights into the roots of your struggles. 

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Between the marketing techniques we have outlined and the seminar, you are halfway to solving your employee hiring challenges.